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You Get Box Stand Plans AND Hanging Tree Stand Plans!
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EVERYTHING about how to build the best deer stands AND hanging tree stands for a very low price is in this book AND its available as a download, printed book, or CD. The Grand Stand shooting house deer stand will give you and your hunting friends all the comforts of home for a low price while you hunt much more effectively than ever!

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Download your free preview eBook. It works just like a website! In less than one minute you can be reading your own "Grand Stand Plans" preview eBook (and several others)!

Even if you order the printed books or CD, you can get started right now because all versions of this book include a free download right now of the complete "Grand Stand Plans" eBook so there is no waiting ! The info is on the order page.


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BOTH The Shooting House Box Deer Stand AND
 The Hanging Tree Stand
Printed Books

Are Now In One Binder And

They Come With The "Grand Stand Deer Stand" BONUS CD!


About The Grand Stand Box Stand

  • There are building techniques shown in this book that insure maximum durability and strength for your box stand along with making it VERY comfortable, economical to build AND light enough to easily move to different locations!

  • The Grand Stand design saves you LOTS of money on the cost of materials. Material costs to build a quality box stand are normally $300 to $400 but you can build the Grand Stand for about $200!

  • The dimensions of the Grand Stand have been tested and improved for over twenty years and they are the absolute best for all around hunting effectiveness, safety and comfort, while saving you money!

  • The Grand Stand is so tight that when the windows and door are closed, you can basically carry on a normal conversation and not be heard with game as close as twenty feet! There will be no more wasps, spiders, etc., waiting for you in your stand next season!

  • The windows of the Grand Stand are set up PROPERLY to allow for quick and silent opening and closing WITHOUT having them in the way when they are open. PLUS, you can easily wipe them off from INside the stand on those mornings when they're iced over (and you're inside with the heater)!

  • The door is not on the back of the Grand Stand where most doors are, it is on the side where it should be and it is large enough for easy entry/exit. The window is simply incorporated into the door. Windows are also on all four sides as they should be.

  • All Our Books Are Unconditionally Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

About The Grand Stand Hanging Tree Stand

  • These stands will last you from now on because if one ever gets damaged you have the hardware so it's low cost and easy to repair!

  • Grand Stand tree stands fold in half for easy carrying and the platform can be set in the upright position to stop debris, etc., from collecting when you're not in the stand.

  • Building several deer stands is as easy as building one!

  • You will be safe, this stand has been tested to 400 pounds!

  • You can make lots of money by selling tree stands on auctions or locally!

  • This successful tree stand design has proven to be the best all-around design in terms of strength, cost, and flexibility (for convenience and ease of use).

  • This Book is packed with all the modified close-up photos you need!

  • Detailed step by step schematic drawings for your tree stands insure you'll have all the tree stands you need at a VERY low cost from now on (under $20 each)!

Do You Get "Extras" With This Book?.You Bet!

  • There are tips in this book that show you the easy way to move your Grand Stand deer stand to other locations after you have set it up in the field.

  • How to PROPERLY heat your Grand Stand deer stand is even in this Book!

  • How to PROPERLY refill propane canisters is detailed!

  • A "freestanding rack" and a "tree rack" for your Grand Stand deer stand is detailed in this book. The "racks" are actually the base for the stand and they enable you to keep your stand well off the ground AND its easy to move when you want to. We have many on our property and have been doing this for over twenty five years.

  • A full page of tips and shortcuts that make your Grand Stand deer stand one-of-a-kind!

  • You get "The Amazing Benefits Of Emu Oil" eBook for free. Dozens of benefits detailed for you and your family! From our website EmuOilDepot.com.

  • You'll see lots of box deer stands in this Book that are on our property, well over twenty years old, and still in GREAT shape!

  • Call Magness Enterprises 877 line with questions anytime during your project! 877-968-6878

All Our Books Are Unconditionally Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

This eBook includes "The Amazing Benefits Of Emu Oil" eBook for free. Dozens of health benefits detailed for you and your family!

You get the HUGE list of extras detailed above AND the "Grand Stand Plans" eBook download or CD eBook is only $19.95. The two printed books + CD are only $29.95 & We Pay Shipping!



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